5 Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now {July 2014}

My Favorite Podcasts As a podcaster one of the best ways I can stay relevant and on top of my game is to listen to other podcasts. I not only get to listen to some great content while I work, but often I am entertained and often pleasantly surprised by the level of professional, tight audio work coming from my laptop and mobile device. Here are five podcasts that have pulled me in as a regular listener, getting me to download each episode they produce.

5 Essential Lists For Your Content Marketing Team

Make A List Image“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” ~A.A. Milne

Getting set to implement content marketing and social media within your organization relies on getting organized. Your team should begin from a similar place with certain key areas and making a few lists is a perfect starting point.

Here are five lists that every content marketing team should deem critical documentation. Each of these is a work in progress and will more than likely be modified in some way as they are developed and used in real time.

3 Tips On Giving A Great Interview

Radio Interview Man Woman ImageI have had the pleasure of interviewing hundreds of marketing professionals, business owners, subject matter experts and thought leaders over the past few years. I have an innate curiosity to learn more and dive deeper into various topics. I tell my guests that it is my job to take care of them; to ensure I am helping them put their best voice forward during our time together. It still surprises me with almost every interview I have done, that the guest puts absolute and total control into my hands. Fortunately, I do have their best interests at heart and will do my utmost to help them shine during our conversation. But could they do more for themselves? Absolutely.

5 Documents Every Content Marketing Team Needs

Content Market Team DocumentsLeading a content team means much more than brainstorming for new ideas and editing blog posts. Along with ensuring that your content creators have the necessary guidance, systems and framework with which to work from, interfacing with the C-Suite and often, other employees in the organization on a regular basis, is critical for content success.

Developing certain documents with key stakeholders within the organization will validate executive buy-in, create a culture of content inside the company and ensure consistency of delivery and implementation. These five documents should be mandatory for all content teams.

Why Time Management Is An Important Content Marketing Skill

Time Clock Marketing encompasses so many aspects of business, especially in today’s digital-driven, social network, constantly turned on world. It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm of all that must get done. This is when you either become paralyzed with so much to do that you do nothing or you find yourself extremely busy, but accomplishing nothing.

I believe that the actual term “time management” is a myth. You cannot control the clock. It will continue to tick and move forward regardless of what you do. I believe we can only manage ourselves inside of time. And self-management is one of the most difficult, yet important, skills each us needs to master better.

5 Reasons Transcribing Your Audio Is A Good Idea

Transcribe Your IdeasThe spoken word is a powerful content delivery platform. Whether it’s a podcast, training session, interview or just a way to get your thoughts in order, the power of verbally processing your ideas cannot be denied.  Often there are moments of profound inspiration that come across when you speak your ideas that you never shared before.  Don’t lose these nuggets of wisdom. Transcribe your audio to ensure they are captured and can be reused in your content.

Here are five reasons why transcribing your audio is a good idea.